let's put back together what we thought was broken forever

Prevention services

Social Service Support: We will help our clients prepare the necessary applications to obtain assistance with identification documents, financial assistance, clothing vouchers, health insurance needs and more.

Counseling and Case Management Services:
We offer professional support and coaching to help you maneuver through life’s challenges . Our team will create a long term plan tailored to each person’s specific needs, which includes family engagement, risk assessments and  transition planning.

Mental Perspective Training: Learn to maintain a healthy mindset and outlook on life.

Life Skills Training and Workshops: Financial Literacy & Credit Counseling, Resume Writing & Interviewing Skills, Career Development, Parenting Classes, and Business Seminars.


Breaking Chains

It is our desire to have our clients learn how to maintain healthy relationships, mindset and outlook on life. We understand individuals could be faced with feelings of depression, anxiety, anger, low self-esteem and grief. Our team will work with each person to support a holistic healing process.

Transitional Housing: Our transitional housing program creates a safe place where the process of tearing down walls, healing old wounds and rewriting stories begin.

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Treatment:
Individuals who have experienced mental health conditions and substance use disorder must treat both issues. Treatment for both mental health problems and substance use disorders may include rehabilitation, medications, support groups, and therapy.  We will connect our clients with the proper resources to meet their needs.

Holistic and Health Support -
Mind Body and Spirit Aligned. We understand true healing requires a healthy balance of the whole being. Through practices such as Prayer and Meditation, Mindfulness, Deep Breathing Techniques, Positive Thinking Techniques Yoga, Exercise and Nutritional Therapy. This alternative approach seeks to break unhealthy behavior patterns to increase a sense of well-being.



Developing leadership to drive the transformation of the criminal justice system is imperative to continuing the advancements in local, state and federal policy that have already been accomplished.

Coaching and Peer to Peer Support: Individuals will receive peer support from formally incarcerated individuals to help navigate the transition phase after immediate release.  This 1 on 1 support system is instrumental in reducing the traumatic experience returning citizens can face as a result of the change in their environment.

Advocacy and Leadership:
 WHOM seeks to train up leaders to advocate legislatively, judicially, and through direct organizing in the communities where they live and serve.

Civic Engagement Activities: Tapping into community providers such as Motor Vehicles, TAPP, Goodwill , Legal Aid etc.; as well as, small business owners, employment agencies, and trade persons can offer  recruitment or volunteer their services to returning citizens in order to assist them in obtaining credentials and stability.

Prison Reform Advocacy:
WHOM will network with other existing organizations within the DMV, establishing partnerships on joint projects, co-sponsoring events, and providing a platform for local organizations working to support societal re-entry where returning citizens can interact and collaborate.